Łaciate surprises again. Close

Oct 2016

Łaciate surprises again.

Not only with a new range of spreadable cream cheeses, but also with cows that spread out across sofas. It’s all in our new TV spot. Watch!

What is the origin of Łaciate milk? Close

Sep 2016

What is the origin of Łaciate milk?

Well, it was quite natural . He saw her, she saw him. And they fell in love. In our campaign, we remind everyone about Łaciate milk’s purely natural source.

Life is easier with T-Mobile. Close

Nov 2015

Life is easier with T-Mobile.

Why not to pay for flowers with T-Mobile? If you use banking services it's so easy as singing Roxette's hit. Tomek Kot proves it in the newest production we've done for T-Mobile.

Simply (a) more Close

Nov 2015

Simply (a) more

Iconic Fiat 500X and a bit of humor. Perfect combination to be seen in the film we've done for Fiat.

Love. Never hit. Close

Jun 2015

Love. Never hit.

Many parents still believe that mild violence is an acceptable method of dealing with misbehaving children. Over 60% of adult Poles think it’s okay to spank their kids.

The latest “Love. Never hit.” campaign aims to end the corporal punishment tradition, which has been outlawed in 2010. We want parents to embrace alternative, non-violent methods of exacting compliance. When this happens, parents become safe for their children – an event that should not only be celebrated, but also certified. Since June 1st 2015, parents can visit safeparentzone.com to receive a special „Safe Parent Certificate” attesting his or her will to raise children without resorting to force.

The initiative is supported by a range of official partner institutions: several Ministries, the Governmental Bureau for Equal Treatment, the Children’s Rights Spokesperson and the Attorney General.

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Holiday relaxation not only on holidays. Close

Mar 2015

Holiday relaxation not only on holidays.

At some point in our lives, we all have experienced the tough clash with reality after coming back to work from holidays. Is it possible at all to prolong the blissful holiday relaxation and make it last the whole Summer long up till the Autumn? In the utopian world we could quit our jobs and enjoy the sweet state of doing nothing. In the real world we could simply visit Castorama and create our own holiday relaxation zone at our own place. Check out how we created Summer in the middle of Winter for the latest Castorama 2015 catalogue commercial.

Great Eye Examination 2015 with Vision Express. Close

Mar 2015

Great Eye Examination 2015 with Vision Express.

Vision Express is not only for buying glasses – it’s also a place where anyone can have a professional eye examination. It turns out, however, that most Poles check their eyes infrequently. Therefore, in its latest campaign, Vision Express brings the eye exam to the people. Ads allow conducting a pre-test anywhere - at home while watching TV or reading the press, at the bus stop, on the street or in the shopping mall. Together with the project’s media partner - the biggest Polish daily “Gazeta Wyborcza” - we encourage people to conclude their comprehensive eye test at the Vision Express lab.

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The power of beauty. Beauty of power. Close

Feb 2015

The power of beauty. Beauty of power.

How much you can tell using the light? Can metal have its own story? Style and glamor. A beautiful women and a very strong man. And a lot of precision to achieve perfect results. Enjoy our new production made for Samsung.