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Clothes Stories Clothes Stories

Clothes Stories

Will you be able to wear a river or a rainbow? When clothes stretch they may stop looking like clothes. And when they stretch a lot, they even start looking like something else. "Something else" is difficult to wear...

Maps Maps


Centrifuge basket is a battlefield. It is a place of war between two hostile countries. A war in which colors mix and family members fall out. With Bonux washing colorful clothes together can be safe for both – clothes and family.

Watercolors Watercolors


Dreft is a fashion-oriented product which protects the shape and color of clothes. To show the problem of the color loss we used classic-style watercolor fashion illustrations. The campaign was awarded Grand Prix at Golden Drum Festival 2011.

Shapes Shapes


If you are wearing clothes that lost their original shape it can be hard to notice your own shape. You also can look as if you lost your shape. If you want to protect your shape use Dreft washing liquid.

Eyes Eyes


Shakespeare said that eyes are the window to the soul. But we preferred to concentrate on the eye itself and the deep look which can be achieved thanks to the Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara.

Monsters Monsters


Do you scream when you open your washing machine? Are you tired of wearing wiry monsters which give you the creeps? Put an end to it! Make your clothes feel soft and fluffy like bunnies or teddy bears for instance.