Fiat Auto Poland

Fiat Auto Poland

The Earthliner The Earthliner

The Earthliner

Does driving a Fiat Freemont feel like flying a plane? Totally! To depict the power, the speed and the comfort we combined cars crossing a sky-like terrain with condensation trail. And then we distributed the layouts on boards of the planes.

Vehicles Vehicles


Aircraft, submarine, pathfinder - it doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle they are dealing with. Fiat servicemen are highly skilled professionals who can repair just about anything. They just know that sky is not the limit.

Jeep-In Close


We proved that even computer savvy digital locals are Jeep-like. Our geolocation game activated them to arrive at the hard-to-get-to places. If they wanted to win Jeep Grand Cherokee they had to do one thing. Hit the off-road!